Interested in Martial Arts since I was a little kid I had the opportunity to join a school at the age of thirteen. I attended different schools and studied different styles from Uechi-Kai-Kan and Shito Ryu Karate to Fuju-Pai Kung Fu until I found the art I was looking for, I truly thank my Sensei for everything he taught me, it has been an honor to learn from him.
Finally I stepped into this beautiful yet powerful Martial Art called Aikijutsu not very well known as other Martial Arts. I have found that those who get to know it fall in love with it. It’s been a long journey but it’s worth every step of the way, along with my family this Martial has given me the most rewarding moments of my life. Sudden changes in my life made me move to where I reside now, just to find It was going to be very difficult for me to practice and train what I love most, Aikijutsu. I tried but I just couldn’t find any school in my city.
I had the opportunity to go back from time to time and visit my Sensei and It was really painful not to have that part of my life complete anymore. I felt like I was lacking something, until several years ago I decided to open my own Dojo and started teaching to those who share my passion. I have learned a lot from those whom I teach and I enjoy very much when they achieve their own goals. Some time along the way I thought it would be wonderful to bring this knowledge to everyone who wants to learn it no matter where you live, whether you live in Africa, America, Europe or anywhere in the World. To bring the power of technology and modernity with this ancient martial art to possibly the most remote village on the planet. That is my dream to make possible the impossible, to bring together people with the same passion and deliver in a comprehensive easy to access and an affordable way a wealth of knowledge.
Now we train with no bounderies !!
With a lot of work and the help of some very loved ones this is how Aikijutsu Academy was born. I hope you enjoy the journey, and if you are determined you won’t regret it.

To Your Success

Armando Sensei