Jul 26 2011

Some Aikijutsu Knife Defense Techniques-Algunas Tecnicas Contra Cuchillo en Aikijutsu

Some Aikijutsu Knife Defense TechniquesAikijutsu is a perfect self defense system, used by the Samurai in close combat in ancient Japan, here you can see some of the techniques they used against knife attacks, some critics tell me this techniques are not feasible on real like street attacks because the attacker will move the knife in many ways before striking but I tell them the final strike can only be straight, diagonal, horizontal or vertical and that is what we have to focus on, even the previous moves are erratic.

Aikijutsu es un sistema de defensa personal perfecto, utilizado por los Samurai en el Japon antiguo, aqui puedes ver algunas de la tecnicas que ellos utilizaban para defenderse de ataques con cuchillo, algunos criticos me dicen que estas tecnicas no son practicas en la vida real en un ataque callejero porque el atacante movera el cuchillo erraticamente antes de el ataque final, lo que yo les digo es que el ataque final solo puede ser de frente, diagonal, horizontal o vertical y eso es en lo que nos debemos enfocar aun cuando los movimientos previos al ataque final sean erraticos.

Aug 31 2009

Aikijutsu Academy Is Live Now!

I am pleased to announce the great opening of the Aikijutsu Academy Online, finally after many months of hard work I am able to bring this wonderful martial art  for you to learn from the comfort of your home.

As you might know, Aikijutsu is an ancient martial art practiced by the Samurai as an effective self defense system, used for close combat fighting, this martial art has proven to be useful in current street fighting situations, most of the techniques used in Aikijutsu are designed to neutralize your attacker though join manipulation and throwing using your attacker’s strength and inertia to defeat him.

Most martial arts if practiced correctly will bring a lot of benefits to you, you will be able to release all the anger and anxiety accumulated through your normal way of life, they will bring balance and inner peace through meditation and the self defense knowledge you acquire will improve your self confidence.

They are also a good way to improve your health if you practice them regularly.

I am sure you will love Aikijutsu as much as I do, see you in the members area!

Armando Sensei